What’s causing all the excitement? Here it is! The Shadows Come, the long-awaited sequel to No Longer Alone is ready for production!

The Shadows Come was written during times of intense personal struggle and loss of control — autoimmune immune disease, chronic illness, a move clear across the country, and surgical procedures upon arriving at our new home. The pain and loneliness of recovery provided the perfect emotional state for writing and editing a novel set in a time of war. It’s almost as if God knew what he was doing. Because, of course, he always does.

As a result of God’s work, the story is powerful. 

The Shadows Come is the sequel to No Longer Alone. This novel begins in 1917 as America enters The Great War. All the men we know and love from the first novel must register for the draft and await the lottery. Simultaneously, life falls apart for Avery and Prentis as unforeseen health challenges put Avery at risk. Jack is also in danger, but no one knows where the threats originate. All appears easy to explain away, but it is not.

As troops are called into action, characters we love are moved around the world like chess pieces, their lives and possible deaths in the hands of generals and world leaders. Wrapped up in all of this is a strange flu, originating right in the middle of the country, at the new camp in Fort Riley, Kansas, then called Camp Funston.

War, sickness, calamity, and loss engulf all of our characters. They must learn how to rely on the Lord during dark times over which they have no control, times when their destinies are entirely outside their own determination.

Who will live? Who will die? What will become of the characters we came to know and to love so well in No Longer Alone? The Shadows Come reveals their story.

This novel is based on a true story, so I have the privilege of weaving together facts from well-lived lives with the details of what drove and finally ended The War to End All Wars, which, of course, did not live up to its name.

Wars continue. Hardships persist. None of us are really in control of our lives. We only think we are, as the characters on this novel’s pages must learn once more. Learning how to cope and to trust God in times like these are what we glean from this story. The novel is set in rural Oklahoma on a farm near Wakita, the land of my ancestors and the real-life setting for the story of my great-grandparents, Prentis and Avery.

You can help publish this story. I’m giving away free copies to everyone who does! I’ll put your name right inside the book. Come and join me!

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The sequel to No Longer Alone is ready! You can help publish this story. I'm giving away free copies to everyone who does! I'll put your name right inside the book. Come and join me! Click To Tweet