Today I’m sharing about an important new e-book that just went on sale today exclusively at Amazon: Rachelle Gardner’s first in the Field Guide for Authors series. Book #1 covers how to make the decision: Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing. As you purchase your copy, check out my review for a more in-depth evaluation of this extremely helpful guide.

Field Guide #1

By summertime, I’ll be self-publishing and offering in PDF format my bible studies on Philippians, 1 Timothy, Titus, and 1 Peter. You’ll be able to purchase them right here!

The publishing industry is changing! Options for self-publishing and traditional publishing now exist side by side! You can do both! Rachelle is one of the most successful literary agents in the country, yet she has chosen to self-publish her guides. I’m excited! It’s a brave new world!

If you’re considering publication, grab this up! Rachelle is one of the experts.

Let’s get our words out there!