This year, by the grace of God and with his help, I hope to publish one novel and at least start the process of publishing the other. Both will be high quality as I will employ professional editors and designers. That’s a BIG task, but the initial steps have already been taken with one, and the other only awaits editing.

And my savvy, forward-thinking, and flexible publisher is onboard!

Introducing my coming attractions!

Adam and Eve

Fallen, the prequel to Refuge

From the first moment Adam draws breath, Lucifer determines to destroy him. Oblivious to Lucifer’s presence and evil intentions, Adam and Eve enjoy each day with the Creator, basking in his affection and nearness. Jealous, Lucifer aims his deceptive brilliance toward tricking them into disobeying God by eating the one fruit that is forbidden them.

Adam’s instructions about this fruit pique Eve’s curiosity, so Lucifer targets her, hoping to deceive her and to annihilate them and God’s creation in the process. Igniting the spiritual battle between Yahweh and Lucifer, Adam’s naïve bite of the forbidden fruit offered by Eve shatters their blissful marriage and damages the core of their very selves. Can they ever recover? Or have they destroyed everything?


dressesfirst plowing
 No Longer Alone

In Oklahoma in 1913 Avery Slaughter teaches in a one-room schoolhouse but scandalizes her rural community by careening recklessly across the countryside in her family’s Model T, spouting forward-thinking opinions, and sporting modern apparel. Her aspirations are not domestic, yet she secretly hopes to marry and bear six sons. Will this dream break her heart? Her own mother lost four babies, but Avery desires to love a man so thoroughly she is willing to take the risk.

Left fatherless at a young age, Prentis Pinkerton toils at his family’s livery stable and on their two farms, supporting his mother and siblings. Unknown to Avery, he has yearned for her love and companionship from his earliest days. Attempting to outshine the male competition with patient, thoughtful wooing, Prentis establishes his own farm and pursues Avery.

Just as he seems to gain her, the world goes to war and hail destroys crops, bringing anxiety and jeopardizing their plans. When the world seems out of control, can God be depended upon?

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