Today I fly away. I’m heading south to film footage for an interview about my novel Refuge and another film about the love story of God’s pursuit of me. When I started this publishing journey, I never dreamed any of this would occur!

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As a baby writer, I thought I’d tie a ribbon around my novel Louisa-May-Alcott style and send it off. Publishers would clamor for it. I’d sign a big contract and get a staggering advance. The publisher would do all the work, and I’d continue my quiet writerly life as the royalty checks rolled in.

My fellow writers are laughing. That’s not how it happens. We all wish!

Five years ago I wrote Refuge. Two-and-a-half years later I went to my first writers conference. I reeled with disbelief as I learned facts about publishing. A group of prominent agents told our gathered group of ingenue writers that most editors and agents won’t even read a manuscript if the author doesn’t have a blog. What! I went home and slapped up a blog.

I met Christian Message Coach Patricia Durgin at that conference. That meeting was an act of God! Since 2011 she has guided me through the self-reflection necessary to determine my brand, tagline, and audience. She constructed this website, so I had the essentials to get in the door. And she became my friend. I couldn’t have gotten here without her.

In 2011 it was impossible to foresee that I’d one day have a publicist to oversee the redesign of my website and the filming of these two videos as well as a book trailer. Patricia prepared me for this. She laid the foundation and readied me for the next stage, thus freeing me to move on to a new kind of creative work.

I know my audience. I know why I write. I am now free to bounce ideas around with Jez Babarczy, my publicist at NUU Church Media. We’ve considered music. We’ve boiled down the story into brief narrative. I’m prepping for my interviews. I’ve had a blast!

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I can’t wait to present you with this visual film presentation of my supernatural, suspenseful romance of how Cain pursued Lilith while messing up his life in every other way. It’s gritty biblical fiction, and I think you’ll love it! I’m excited! The first team of reviewers are now reading Refuge. Soon their opinions will come our way.

Jez showed me the new logo and redesigned theme. It’s perfect! My site will soon have a clean literary feel with easy access for the press and for readers. We’ll have a book page, the bible studies, media, and a press kit, among other information. My blog will continue bi-weekly.

We’re hoping to make this a smooth transition. But, just in case, here’s the heads-up about the reconstruction.

God has superintended every step. The desert of waiting was a stretch. When I couldn’t get into any doors, God taught me to trust his timing and to strengthen my writing. The miraculous opening of doors and the provision for all that’s happening now has worked with the trials to produce growth in my faith.

I had no idea all of this would be part of the novel journey!

Coming soon! Even more exciting times!

Refuge Cover


Middle photo by Salomon Ligthelm. Used by permission.