Just as we settle into a routine, comfortable in our newly established norms, life shifts. So it is with my life and yours. Winter has passed. Everyone is crazy busy, and spring is finally and completely upon us at last.

Wisely, we lift our faces from our screens to gaze about and to enjoy the flowers emerging from their dormancy, the sunshine, and the birds nesting and hatching. We take our children outside and frolic with them in the warmth.

We writers move our writing locations and times to provide us with inspiration and lighter hearts from which flow our creativity. And so, in honor of spring, I will be reducing my blogging. Today’s blog introduces the change.


On Mondays you may see no written content, rather I’ll share a weekly one-minute video called #MinuteMonday that I’ve hosted for almost a year on my Facebook Author page. Each week I’ll have a few words of encouragement or information prepared especially for you, as always around sixty seconds long.

Find #MinuteMonday in its natural habitat of my Author page HERE.

Fridays will remain my main blog days. But during the spring and summer months, my blogs will be shorter for these weekly posts. As usual, my content will fluctuate between topics of faith and writing.


Rodin’s “Eve” from the DIA – #FallenNovel features creation, the battle, and the fall of humanity. What comes after?

Horse_and_buggy_1910, 2

#NoLongerAlone – set in the WWI-era, when a man did his courting in a buggy and a woman fought for the right to vote.

Exciting writing news is coming! Two novels are in the works this year! TWO! First up for publication is Fallen, the prequel to Refuge. Right behind it, probably in 2016, will be No Longer Alone, a historical novel set in WWI-era Oklahoma.

This is another reason I am reducing my blogging. Producing two novels takes time! Whenever something exciting grabs hold, I’ll share a chapter or a scene as my creativity moves me. I hope you enjoy these peeks whenever they appear.

So God bless you! We survived the winter! Put down this gadget or step away from this computer, go outside, and play. Enjoy God’s creation.