Book Review of the new NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible.

Dear Readers,

I am a #BibleGatewayPartner and a blogger on the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, BG2, #bgbg2. When Bible Gateway gave me the opportunity to write a review of the new NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible, I knew I wanted a copy of this new Study Bible published by Zondervan. Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., the President of Southern Seminary, was the General Editor of this new Study Bible.

As a student of the Bible, certain elements of the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible are important to me. These are:

  • A Quick Start Guide and Introduction at the beginning of the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible.
  • Interesting Introductions on the pages before each Book of the Bible.
  • Clear and informative study notes providing necessary information on each page.
  • Interesting illustrations that bring ancient structures and locations to life.
  • Red Letter words of Jesus in the New Testament.
  • The NIV Concordance that follows the Biblical text is a powerful study tool for understanding. This concordance spans 312 pages.
  • Beautifully illustrated maps provide the reader with a clear idea of the setting.
  • A helpful index to all map illustrations.
  • And then a bonus that I never even knew I wanted until I saw the Table of Weights and Measures — no more confusion discerning minas, shekels, bekahs, gerahs, stadion, spans, omers, baths, etc.

You can buy the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible at The FaithGateway Store.

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View an interview of Dr. Mohler, How Grace and Truth Are Central Themes Throughout the Bible: An Interview with Dr. Al Mohler.

More information about the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible can be found HERE on the Zondervan website.

As a member of BG2, a #BibleGatewayPartner, I requested and received a free copy of the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible in exchange for my honest review. The words describing this Study Bible were written after I had completed a thorough investigation, noting all of the above inclusions that I personally found to be the most helpful, informative, and interesting.

These details and guides bring the Bible to life by establishing customs of the day, locations of the events, definitions of key and significant Biblical terms, and informative introductions before each Book of the Bible. The NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible will enable the reader to discern the meaning, the intent, and the application of the text, the goals pursued by all students of the Bible.

Purchase the NIV Grace & Truth Study Bible at The FaithGateway Store.