I am a prodigal. Through trial and heartache, God has drawn me closer. He continues to draw me. Our journey together challenges and stretches me, teaching me how much I need Him. My desire is to grow in greater intimacy with Him throughout my life and to encourage others to do the same. Flowing from my compassion for broken people like myself, I write, speak, and teach. I equip people to study God’s Word, our source of healing. Come with me on the journey.

I write and speak to help you:

  • Renew your faith in a God who seeks and saves the lost.
  • Empower your trust in a God who will never abandon you, no matter what.
  • Heighten your comprehension that God passionately pursues a loving relationship with you.
  • Revive your hope that, no matter what you’ve done, you can be forgiven and used by God.
  • Enhance your recognition that God has a glorious plan for your life.
  • Boost your awareness that God equipped you with unique gifts and talents to display His glory.
  • Increase your life-changing knowledge of God, as shown in His Word.
  • Clarify your comprehension of what God wants you to do.
  • Strengthen your application of what God directs you to undertake.
  • Increase your reliance on God’s power for obedience.
  • Renew your strength by leaning on God in times of trouble.
  • Improve your recognition of God’s goodness in every trial.
  • Make firm your belief that God really works all things together for good for those who love Him.
  • Negate the detrimental effects of not believing that God cares for you this intimately.