Fallen: A Biblical Story of Good and Evil.

Return to the Garden of Eden where our first ancestors made choices that still affect us today. What was God’s amazing promise? This book is rated PG-13. Readers of all ages have enjoyed this story.

“Lush and sensual, deftly capturing the newness and wonder of creation through the eyes of the first human beings” ­-Barb Best

“A poignant love story of the first two humans” -Liz Muller

“The author’s sparkling description gives us insight into the beauty of our unsullied world at the dawn of Creation.” -Kim Fisch, Writer

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The Latest News About Fallen

Fallen has been awarded the international Pre-Christian Godliness Fiction award in Christian Fiction.

The novel received this honor because of the quality of storytelling and because it demonstrates what godliness would have looked like during the Old Testament era. It clearly reveals truth about the Lord and how he works. And it contains references to the coming Savior and Redeemer as well as the Lord’s ultimate plan for His people.

Here is a small portion of Reviews by Peter’s review when announcing the award:

“I have not come across a novel where there is so much detail in describing the gaps in the Genesis account of Adam and Eve, their fall from Grace and their life after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Inman has clearly researched this, discussed with other Christians who would be able to provide more insight and expound more on this. Inman has a short reference list at the end of the book that has influenced the storyline and added to her poetic licence to fill in these gaps in this Biblical narrative. To me, it reads as if it is a fictionalised account that could be considered the closest to what it could have been.

“It is very much alive this account of Ish/Adam and Isher/Eve. You are transported there; it is almost as if you are part of this narrative and not just reading it. I found myself relating to everything they experienced from Creation to their sin culminating in their hardship and rediscovering themselves and how to relate to each other as a result of their new fallen nature. The way God had created them to be one with each other and with God made me yearn for this when He returns and restores us to Him. Inman shines here in her description of this relationship. Again it is beautiful and tender. Reading this pre-fall account of their relationship only reinforced this oneness of what I have felt towards my own wife since marriage, albeit not to the full extent of what Adam and Eve experienced as these two are the only ones to experience the full relationship of what God had intended.

“Inman further shines in her description of how this perfect relationship between them and God is destroyed and what it then comprised as they move forward with the reality of their now sinful and fallen nature. I am sure every married couple reading this, if they are honest with themselves, will relate and even be confronted with some of the emotions, attitudes and behaviour that Adam and Eve now exhibited towards each other. I know I did! And what this did to me was to reinforce what I have discovered that relationships, especially a married one, require more work on every level, physical, emotional, spiritual and on a daily basis in every situation that you are both presented with.”

For more on the novel’s strengths, read Peter’s entire review, his analysis of Fallen, and his explanation of why this award was bestowed upon Fallen by clicking here.

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Upon infant earth, the Creator shapes a man and a woman, the beginning. Blissful love and innocence reign. But evil encroaches.