The book of Genesis records foundational truths that help us understand God’s working in the world and his purpose of redemption from before he even began to speak our universe into existence.

God had these narratives recorded, so we could understand why he sent Christ to redeem us and so we would know that his love for us is eternal and unchanging.

We were created in God’s image. Therefore we are complex.

We have a sense of self awareness, an inner voice that we call our consciences, and the ability to reason. We form relationships based on mutual dialogue and trust. We are creative. Our souls are eternal.

Humans were made in the image of God, but our natures were broken when sin came into the world through our own rebellion. So, not only do we have great capacity for creativity, kindness, and intellect, but we also have the ability to commit cruelty driven by our selfish brokenness. We even tear ourselves down with negative selftalk.

How did this happen? What were we before this brokenness occurred?

Why would we choose to break something so beautiful?

The early chapters of Genesis tell us.

Jesus told parables. Genesis is a narrative. These two facts make fiction the perfect vehicle for the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. A story can show in a vivid and powerful way something that cannot be communicated through theological treatise, lecture, or sermon.

Fiction places the reader inside the heads of the characters of the story. From that vantage, the reader feels their emotions and learns their lessons along with them. These lessons then linger, because they are emotionally imprinted and return to our memories frequently.

Fallen was written to teach these lessons, but it is a story, a novel, a beautiful retelling of what happened to the mother and father of us all.

What can we learn from their story?
How can their story teach us more about God’s love?

Their story in the form of a novel gives us a powerful way to share God’s hope and mercy with others. Who doesn’t love to read a story, especially when it’s compelling, non-preachy, and void of confusing Christian jargon?

This is Fallen. This story was written for YOU. Not only was it written to bless your life and to encourage you in your own daily struggle, but it was written for you to share with others who also struggle.

Be a part of making this story come to life! Not just for yourself, but for others. Be a part of the team!

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