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All of us need a clean slate, a second chance. And so, though we’re creatures of dirt, prone to sin, broken and marred by bad choices and harmful actions against us—prodigals all, the merciful God rescues us, washes us clean, and transforms us. God gives us a new identity.

1 Peter 2:4-10 describes our thorough alteration. Christ is the living Stone, the chosen and precious cornerstone and headstone of God’s spiritual house. We have been remade into his likeness, changed in every way.

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Once we were lost, having no purpose or hope. But now we are:

  • Living, rather than dead, with God’s Spirit vivifying us for all eternity
  • Active, breathing stones cemented into his house to build God’s kingdom in the world, every stone having a specific purpose
  • A holy priesthood, administering the gospel to dying humanity
  • God’s servants, offering ourselves in spiritual sacrifices of obedience, praise, and love
  • Believers in him—this belief enabled by the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying power
  • Not destined for shame, rather partakers of honor, glory, and grace in his presence forever
  • A chosen race, metamorphosed into his genome, his blood relatives
  • A royal priesthood, co-heirs with Christ, kings and queens
  • A holy nation, a purified subset though scattered abroad within every race and tribe
  • God’s own people, belonging to him, bought and paid for with Christ’s blood
  • Proclaimers of God’s excellencies, heralding his goodness
  • Called ones, rescued and brought into his kingdom by God’s grace
  • Members of God’s family, dear and beloved ones
  • Receivers of restorative mercy, his love lavished upon us, healing us from our depravity


When we were lost in sin, before we were remade, we stumbled over Christ.

We rejected his statements that he is the only way to God. Even so, he sacrificed himself for us, pouring out his blood as payment for our sins. He required only that we entrust ourselves to him, which he himself would enable us to do. Calling us, he pulled on our heartstrings.

Still, we thought there surely had to be another way to God. We tripped over the Stone’s audacious claim. He offended us. Thinking we could be good enough, we set out to breach the divide through our own efforts.


We failed. Our sins separated us from God. Yet, patiently, he waited.

When we recognized the insanity of our self-propelled trek toward perfection, he grasped us to himself, bringing us to repentance and making us his own. We responded, committing ourselves to him.


Now we’re cemented in, ennobled members of God’s rescue team. We are those who proclaim his love message, each using our gifts to accomplish God’s purpose. It’s a family project. Privileged to be part of the biggest reclamation project on the earth, we help others find a new life and a new identity.

Want to learn more about your new identity in Christ? Complete this one page fill-in-the-blank exercise designed by S.K. Hyde. The entire bible study of 1 Peter will be available this summer.

What part do you play in the glorious rescue mission? 



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