And so, it begins on a beautiful mountainside enclave in Idaho . . .

A dying mother’s last wish, a mafia king’s shattered facade, and the children whose lives will intertwine…

Refusing to die the way her father did, Janis Woodsman has only a few months left to live. Her choice has caused a rift in her marriage. A rift that fear widens and only the love of God can seal. Thaddeus, her husband, is not the only one upset about her unwillingness to fight, but her seven sons too. Alone in her choice she prays that the Lord will do what she seems to be unable to: make her family understand, or at the very least grant them all peace….and give her sons wives.

It should have been a simple party to bring the mafia lords and their political allies together, but Father Popov discovers his daughter, Olga, has seen the dark side of their beloved father. Not only her, but the other six Mafia kings’ daughters know too, one of them far too much. Before he and the other kings can do anything about it, his daughter and the other six princesses disappear without a trace. However, their footprints lead to the snows of Halden, Idaho, in the mountains.

But will they be safe there?


Thus begins our 7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers series. Click RIGHT HERE or at the bottom of the book cover picture to get your copy of Book 0, Shattered Illusion, for just $2.99, available only on Kindle. It’s live today!

So, what are we up to with this series? We’re up to all kinds of good.

These novels were written by seven multi-published Christian writers with many works of fiction under our belts in all types of genres from historical fiction to fantasy to steampunk. We know how to write fiction without preaching, thus making God’s truth winsome. Through his use of parables, Jesus impressed upon us the power of story. We know how to weave a well-told tale. We’ve all been writing for a while, and we came together to create a series that is both fun, with a hearkening back to the old film 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, as well as socially conscious and captivating.

Our open-market series deals with racism, misogyny, organized crime, human trafficking, and, of course, romantic love under unique and stressful circumstances, such as while discovering that one’s dearly beloved father is actually a Mafia crime boss. Love is what brings us together today for this Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense series.

Our story is woven through a series of novellas, each between 100 to 125 pages long, each available for only $2.99 every Friday for the next seven weeks — enough reading to get you to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Fasten your seatbelts! The final ending isn’t revealed until the Epilogue in Book 7 by Lynnette Roman, famous for her scenes of epic conflict. You’ll be biting your nails!

Each novella tells the story of one of our brothers, the Woodsman men: Axel, Benjamin, Colby, David, Edgar, Frederick Douglass, and Gabriel. Though they’re in A, B, C, D, E, F, G order, they’re not at all based on the characters from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. The Woodsman men are classy and educated, owners of an international lumber industry, military heroes, and men of honor. Like the 1954 film, however, all were named by their mother, whose death opens our series. So, here’s a peek at what’s coming. Enjoy!

The link to each story is embedded at the bottom of each individual picture. Simply click at the bottom of the photo. There, you’ll find the back-cover teaser that reveals a peek into each tale. By preordering, you get automatic delivery on the date each story releases. Or just buy the next story each Friday. Enjoy! We’re so excited to bring these stories to our readers!
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